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4’ X 8’ Cork Panels – For Your Home & Office Project

Thinking about creating a full or partial wall of cork or a large cork pin up board?
Great! The  4’ x 8’ cork roll or cork sheet is the perfect size. The [...]

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The Great “Cork” Wall

Thinking of re-decorating your den, kids bedroom or your home office wall?  Ever considered using cork?
Why Consider Cork?
Natural cork rolls offer an excellent alternative to painting, paneling [...]

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Install Your Own Cork Board In The Kids’ Room

Very large pre-constructed  bulletin boards are expensive, heavy and can not be easily hung safely on the wall.  The absolute best and most cost efficient method for installing large [...]

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3/8″ Cork Wall Covering

Choosing the right wall covering is a difficult task—after all, there are hundreds of choices! In many cases, roll cork is an ideal solution. Here at Manton Cork, we [...]