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Natural cork vs. colored cork: what’s the difference?

Looking to use a natural material for your tackable wall area in your home or office? Don’t confuse natural cork with colored cork. Natural cork offers a self-healing surface, with the richness and warmth of a natural wood product that enhances any room setting. Colored cork is a linoleum-based product and subsequently is industrial in appearance, touch and smell. Natural cork is a rich tan color, and texture, created entirely from natural cork granules.

Natural Cork

Colored Linoleum

Cork is a wood product which can be easily stained or painted, or even covered with a fabric. Simply apply a wood stain or paint to exactly match your décor. Select the specific color you prefer, rather than compromise with the color selection offered for colored linoleum that just doesn’t make it. Besides, you will also save money; as natural cork is significantly less expensive.

The beauty of using natural cork rolls & cork sheets belongs to it’s heritage. Mother Nature produced it!

Natural cork provides a beautiful back-drop for art (especially the art created by your children and grandchildren). Cork a wall or area in your kids rooms, the den, kitchen, or family room, and in your home office. For you dart throwing enthusiasts, cork an area around your dart board to protect the wall from darts thrown off-course.

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