Here is a good-natured dragon mobile, which will wriggle in the slightest breeze.



  • 8 long, round corks 2 inches (5 cm.) long
  • a piece of thin drawing paper about 6 inches (15 cm.) square
  • a little green embroidery thread
  • light-green gouache paint
  • a black soft-tip pen
  • 2 colored thumbtacks
  • 10 inches (25 cm.) of light-weight wire
  • 4 plastic drinking straws
  • some clear nylon thread (or fishing line)
  • a knife with a fine, pointed blade
  • large canvas needle, a large needle, and a regular sewing needle
  • paraffin or a piece of candle wax
  • transparent adhesive tape
  • glue


  • Paint the 8 corks with very thick green gouache. First paint the sides and the tops. Let the paint dry. Turn the corks over and paint the bottoms. Let the corks dry completely.
  • Paint both sides of the drawing paper green. Let dry.
  • From the paper, cut the 2 wings, 4 legs, 7 scales and the tail (the patterns are shown in drawing 1).
  • With the knife, make a slit down the long sides of 7 corks. Stick in the tabs of the scales, with a little glue on them.
  • Put the legs on 2 of the corks.
  • Draw the smiling mouth on the last cork (the one without a scale). Stick in the thumbtacks for the eyes and draw the middle of the eyes with a black soft-tip pen.
  • Make 2 slits on the sides of the head cork. Stick in the wings, with a dab of glue.
  • Take the large needle. Thread it with about 6 inches (15 cm.) of nylon, making a large knot on one end. Pass the needle through the paraffin or candle and then stick the cork right in the middle in the direction shown in drawing 3. Don’t stick through the head in the middle, but 3/8 inches (1.5 cm.) from the face. Do the same with all the corks.

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