You can also make the Train and Dog

cork craft totem poleMaterials that you will need for creating this totem pole…

  • 4 tall, round corks about 2 inches (5 cm) long
  • a very sharp knife
  • colored soft-tip pens
  • a little drawing paper




construction of a cork craft

  • Cut 2 of the corks as shown in drawings 2 and 4.
    Leave 1 and 3 as they are. Sand.
  • Decorate the corks with the soft-tip pens. Use your imagination to create faces or patterned designs.
  • Cut out and decorate the 2 wings from drawing paper (drawing 5 shows the shape).
  • Make a little slit with a knife on both sides of the top cork. Then insert tab A, with a little glue added.
  • Glue the corks on top of the other.
  • Add more color or details to your totem pole.