You can also make the Dog and Totem Pole

cork craft train
Materials that you will need for the train…

• 3 large, round corks
• 4 small corks and half a very small cork
• a piece of cork tile 1/8″ (3mm) thick
• different color thumbtacks
• embroidery thread
• a large needle
• a knife
• some paraffin or a piece of candle wax
• sandpaper

toy craft
• Cut the 4 bases for the cars from the cork tile (see drawing 1 for size). Use a ruler to do this. The cork cuts easily if you pass the knife through the paraffin once. Sand the cut part.


The Locomotive…
train cork craft
• Glue the large cork to a base.
• Glue the smokestack on the large cork. Make it from a little cork and half of a very small cork.
• Put 2 red thumbtacks on the front of the base. Stick in 4 colored thumbtacks to make wheels (see drawing 2).

First Car…
car craft
• Cut a large cork in half. Sand the cut ends. Glue the two halves onto the base (see drawing 3).
• Stick in 4 thumbtacks for wheels.