Cork Sheets & Closures for Industrial & Commercial

Manton custom produces, in the U.S.A., virtually any size cork roll or sheet to your requirements. We offer for prompt shipment, general purpose and specification materials for a variety of applications.

cork tree raw materials

We have all the
raw materials

industrial & commercial cork sheets

We can cut to any
size or thickness

We custom produce your cork products

We custom produce
your cork products

Call us today for your commercial or industrial cork needs. 800-663-1921

Cork Sheets – Coarse Grain

Cork Sheets – Fine Grain

Cork Rolls – Fine Grain

Available Options:

• Adhesive backing
• Fire rated materials
• Die cut custom parts
• Ribbons

Size / Thickness:

• Widths to 72″
• From 1/32″ (.7938″) Thickness

Most Common Sizes:
Cork Rolls
36” and 48” Wide
Cork Sheets
24” X 36”


• Bulletin boards
• Non-spec gaskets/washers
• Coasters
• Hot plates/trivets
• Backing for decorative wall tiles
• Crafts
and more…