You can also make the Train and Totem Pole

dog cork crafts

Materials that you will need to make a dog…

4 tall, round corks
a cone-shaped cork
a little cork
a red pipe cleaner
red felt
black gouache paint, shellac
a large needle

Dog crafts made out of corks

Paint the little cork with black gouache. Let it dry. Put on a coat of shellac. Let the shellac dry and put on a second coat.
Glue the 4 round corks together.
Put on the legs which are 4 pieces of pipe cleaner each 1 inch (2.5 cm.) long. It is easier to push the pipe cleaner firmly into the cork if you make a hole with the large needle first.
Put on the tail which is 2-1/2 inches (6 cm.) long.
Glue the little black cork nose on the head, which is the cone-shaped cork.
Make the neck from a piece of pipe cleaner and stick it into the head and into the body.
Cut out the ears from red felt and glue them in place (the pattern is in drawing 2).
Bend the legs and tail into natural shapes (see drawing 2)