Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Manton Cork Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions below expressly set forth Manton Cork’s position and are not intended to be a full, comprehensive, and complete detail of each subject. Manton Cork reserves the right to alter, change, modify, expand, or discontinue any of the policies set forth below. Manton Cork further reserves the right to alter, change, modify, or discontinue its programs, policies, or relationship with any customer who violates Manton Cork’s stated Terms & Conditions.

Specification Changes
Manton Cork reserves the right to institute changes to materials, parts, or design as well as to discontinue models, options, and/or parts without any prior notice.

All orders must be submitted in writing by US Mail, fax, email, or placed via our online web store. It is the Buyer’s sole responsibility to check orders and their corresponding acknowledgments for accuracy.

Acknowledgments & Lead Times
Upon credit approval or processed payment, orders will be manufactured and invoiced based upon the information on the acknowledgment. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to notify Manton Cork of any discrepancies. Actual shipment dates may differ from acknowledged dates due to lack of credit approval. If an order is subject to a credit hold, it will be scheduled for shipment only after it is released from credit hold.

Change Orders
Manton Cork reserves the right to apply additional charges to the invoice for orders revised after manufacturing has begun. All changes must be in writing.

All orders are considered firm and cannot be cancelled except by consent from Manton Cork. Manton Cork reserves the right to assess a cancellation fee of no more than 25%, or as negotiated, for any order cancelled by the Buyer.

Freight Policy
You are responsible for inspecting your merchandise when it is delivered. If there is excessive damage or the shipment is incorrect, you should refuse the shipment and call us immediately.

Every effort will be made to ship in accordance with customer requested freight carriers. Manton Cork is not responsible for damage in shipment when product is shipped on a third party or collect basis. In the event of visible freight damage, note damage on the freight bill and notify the carrier at once for inspection. Note that carriers require reports of damage within 15 business days. Failure to report visible damage or loss is the consignee’s responsibility. Concealed damage identified after 15 business days from receipt should be reported directly to Manton Cork. Consignee is not responsible for such concealed damage.
(Please Note: Our promotional shipping rates and/or Free Shipping programs Do Not Apply to shipments to Alaska, HI, or outside of the United States.)

Ship Dates & Delays
If Manton Cork cannot ship products as scheduled due to causes beyond their reasonable control (force majeure), the ship date will be extended to compensate for the delay as determined by Manton Cork.

Redelivery of Freight
Two weeks notice is required when redelivery of merchandise will be required, or the actual cost for freight, restocking and re-handling, and storage, if applicable, will be billed to the customer.

Manton Cork products are custom cut and cannot be returned or exchanged. Manton Cork reserves the right to refuse unauthorized return of custom-made or specialty merchandise. On approved returns, where applicable, inbound and outbound shipping charges are the customer’s responsibility and a 25% restocking charge will also apply. Merchandise must be returned unopened, in original shipping carton(s).

Manton Cork products must be installed in accordance with installation instructions, which accompany shipment and are also available on our website. A one year limited warranty applies, under normal use.

Manton Cork is not responsible for damages which may occur during installation or removal of the cork.

Cork may not properly adhere to smooth surface substrates similar to Luan, chalkboard, glass, etc. Alternative adhesive systems may be required.

Custom Products
Modifications to standard products are generally available. Contact our home office for quotations or more information.

Material Disclaimer
Slight color and texture variations may occur on natural roll and sheet cork. Manton Cork cannot be held responsible for these variances.

All inquiries and correspondence should be directed to:
Manton Cork
415 Oser Avenue, Unit U
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Phone: 631-273-0700
Fax: 631-273-0038
Email: corkman@mantoncork.com

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