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Building Blocks

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Crafts: Building Blocks

Here is a toy that you can use in lots of ways: you can build a wall, a tower, a castle, a house, or whatever you want. The blocks shown in the color photograph were made from new corks in their natural color, but you can use old corks, too just paint them bright colors.

Building Blocks Materials

  • a package of plastic or wooden toothpicks that have points on each end
  • a large needle to make holes if it is hard to stick the toothpicks into the cork
  • lots of corks with different shapes


All you do to make this toy is stick the toothpicks into the corks and then build whatever you want. You will learn about balance, because whatever you build must stand up!


If you make a hole in the cork before sticking the toothpick in, do it in the exact spot you will put the toothpick.


Always make a strong base for your buildings; a square, a triangle, a circle and so on. After that, the rest of the building is easy to do.

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