Green Building Ratings

Green Building Ratings

Manton Brand composition cork products meet many of the key criteria of the organizations that promote and support green building initiatives. The use of Manton composition cork products in your project can help it qualify for credit points under the LEED™ GREEN BUILDING RATING SYSTEM in the following areas:

MR 4.15% Recycled Content of total building materials  (100% of post consumer + ½ of post industrial)
MR 4.210% Recycled Content of total building materials  (100% of post consumer + ½ of post industrial)

Manton Cork products are approx. 85% post industrial recycled content by weight
MR 6Specifying rapidly renewable building materials for 5% of total building materials. 

Manton Cork products consist of cork oak bark that renew in < 10 year cycles
MR 7The use of a minimum of 50% of wood-based materials certified in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council guidelines. 

(FSC Certified Content Manton Cork Available on a special order basis)

(FSC Chain of Custody Certificate Number SW-COC-1336)
EQ 4.1Low Emitting Materials Adhesives & Sealants

(Adhesives used to agglomerate and specified to install meet SCAQMD Rule 1168)
EQ 4.4Composite wood or agri-fiber products containing no added urea-formaldehyde resins. 

(Formaldehyde content meets CARB requirements)

Cork is a truly renewable resource. Unlike solid wood, composite wood products, paper and other “renewable resources”; no trees are cut down to make cork products. In fact, Cork Oak trees in Portugal and most other producing countries are protected by law.

The product that we know as cork consists of the bark of the Cork Oak tree. The bark is stripped from about 1/3 of the tree every 9 to 12 years. This process enhances the life span of the tree. Without being periodically harvested, the life span of a Cork Oak would be considerably shorter than the 150 to 200 plus years seen in cultivated trees. The manufacturing process of cork products also produces a near zero waste stream and results in no toxic emissions.

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