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Cork Commonly Asked Questions

Throughout our 90+ years of being in business and serving the community as the largest importer of finished and semi-produced cork products in the United States, Manton Cork has received many questions about its cork products–specifically cork rolls and sheets. We’ve selected some of the most commonly asked questions here to share with you. Q: […] Read more

Cork Crafts for the Holidays

Get into the holiday spirit with these crafty ideas for the upcoming seasons. Invite your friends and family over for a night of DIY using recycled wine corks. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner it’s getting to be about that time to add some holiday cheer to your home decor. These ideas can […] Read more

Pin It On Us…Or On Your Cork Board

Dorm Decor: First day back to classes is coming up quick and before you know it you’ll be flooded with things to do. Right now you may be thinking that you’ll be fine with just a calendar, planner and folder but let’s just think of all the things that you may want to hang on […] Read more

Consult a Cork Expert Before Starting Your Project

When resourcing cork for your next project, we recommend you consult with a cork professional and not just a cork reseller. Cork professionals are direct importers/manufacturers. They have the knowledge to assist you with all aspects of your project: what type of cork is recommended or required for your application, substrate requirements if necessary, backer board […] Read more

10 Great Ideas for Installing Cork in Home & Office

Natural cork for decorative and tacking in home and office offers you the best of both worlds. Cork provides a beautiful background for art, photos,  posters or as a dart board backer in the den. Utilizing space above a desk, inside a kitchen cabinet door, or kids room entry door for pinning, is very practical […] Read more

4’ X 8’ Cork Panels – For Your Home & Office Project

Thinking about creating a full or partial wall of cork or a large cork pin up board? Great! The  4’ x 8’ cork roll or cork sheet is the perfect size. The size of these cork panels make it very easy to handle and install.  Your installation can be a DIY project or if you’re more comfortable, simply have it installed by professionals. If you are […] Read more

Does Cork Thickness Matter?

The short answer is yes. When planning your next project always consider your application first and then buy the most suitable cork roll or cork sheet thickness. We’ve put together a simple, at-a-glance guide for choosing the correct cork thickness. Doing an arts & crafts project? 1/8” thickness will generally be sufficient for rainy day projects with the kids, cutting coasters […] Read more

Is My Cork Underlayment Safe?

Which Cork is Safe? On the heals of much national news regarding unsafe floor laminate being produced in China, we believe it is important to alert the general public that floor laminate is not the only product where extreme caution should be used when selecting your materials. Cork underlayment imported from China is also routinely produced with this same known carcinogen as a binder and […] Read more

Natural cork vs. colored cork: what’s the difference?

Looking to use a natural material for your tackable wall area in your home or office? Don’t confuse natural cork with colored cork. Natural cork offers a self-healing surface, with the richness and warmth of a natural wood product that enhances any room setting. Colored cork is a linoleum-based product and subsequently is industrial in appearance, touch […] Read more

How To Maintain Your Cork Board

  • By admin
  • January 13, 2015
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Couldn’t Be Easier… Your cork board or tacking surface requires a minimum amount of maintenance. Cork is a wood product which can be sanded, wood filled, sealed, stained or painted. Staining is the preferred treatment. In the event that your cork board becomes: distressed soiled ink marked dirt smugged stained etc… simply use a fine […] Read more
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