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Happy little cork people line up in this wedding procession! What fun it is to make them and especially to dress them! Use costume jewelry and fancy costumes to dress each guest in his or her best!


  • some tall, round corks about 2 inches (5 cm.) long, and a few shorter ones
  • burnt wooden matchsticks
  • a knife
  • pointed scissors
  • soft-tip pens in different colors
  • some glass-headed pins
  • white paper
  • sequins
  • pink gouache paints and some other colors for the clothes
  • scraps of fabric, ribbons, feathers, and so on


Make each person in the following order:

  • First draw the eyes, the nose (a dot), the mouth and the hair.
  • Then do the clothes.
  • Last, use the point of the scissors to make a hole on each side of the body to stick in the pointed matchstick arms.

The Men

The men are the easiest to make:

  • Draw the face and hair. Then paint on their clothes.
  • Cut out the shirt front (see drawing 2) from the white paper. Glue it in place (see drawing 5).
  • Cut out the tie (drawing 4). Point it to match the suit. Glue it on the shirt front.
  • Cut a wooden matchstick in half. Make a point on one end of each half. Paint the other end pink for the hands. Then point the rest of the match the same color as the suit to make the sleeves. When the paint is dry, stick the arms in place.
  • Don’t’ forget the boutonniere. Make this special flower from a sequin or a small circle of white paper.

To make a hat, use a bottle cap shaped like the one shown in drawing 6. Paint it with thick black gouache. Place it on the head with a drop of glue.


The Women

The women are more elegant, and can wear different kinds of clothes.

  • Draw the face and hair.
  • Cut the arms from matchsticks, as you did for the men. Paint them.
  • There are two ways to make a dress:
  • For the first way, take a piece of ribbon. Make some small folds in it and glue it on the cork with the closing in the back. Put the arms in place. Cross a little piece of ribbon in front and hold it there with a pin. This hides the top. The bride is dressed this way (see drawing 8).
  • Another way to make a dress is to take a piece of ribbon or fabric. Fold it over a little at the top. Make a slanted fold in front (see drawing 7). Close the front with a pin stuck through a sequin, or with a drop of glue. Make a hole through the dress and cork with the scissors point to put in the matchstick arms.
  • Finish the women with beautiful big hats with feathers, necklaces, trains or whatever you want. Drawings 9 and 10 show the bridesmaid and the guest outfits.

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