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When Mother Nature made cork, she over-designed it. This very informative video will take you from the cork tree plantations, through the processing and production. What nature designed, the cork industry now refines into tailor-made shapes:

  • Cork Slabs
  • Cork Blocks
  • Cork Sheets
  • Cork Rolls
  • Cork Stoppers
  • Cork Textiles
CORK. Much more than meets the eye.

Cork is recognised as the best way of preserving wine. But now it’s time to see it as well as one of the most naturally versatile materials in the world. CORK. Much more than meets the eye.

Cork and New Applications

Cork is used in many applications besides cork stoppers. The testimony of those who discovered other cork potentialities.

Cork and Sustainability

Wine producers from around the world, designers and architects give their testimony about the advantages of cork to the environment and its sustainable character.

Cork. A world of possibilities

Cork a world of possibilities.

From forest to the final product – Summary

The forest filled with magic.

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