Cork History, Cork Manufacturing, Cork Industry


When Mother Nature made cork, she over-designed it. This very informative video will take you from the cork tree plantations, through the processing and production. What nature designed, the cork industry now refines into tailor-made shapes:

  • Cork Slabs
  • Cork Blocks
  • Cork Sheets
  • Cork Rolls
  • Cork Stoppers
  • Cork Textiles


A condensed overview…The history of cork & its uses. In the 21st Century, that inexhaustible bark is working miracles as an all-purpose problem solver in boundless space–age applications. Some of cork’s unique and useful properties are:

  • Extremely compressible, yet resilient
  • Excellent insulation & fire retardant qualities
  • Highly resistant to wear & tear
  • Unaffected by temperature extremes
  • Resistant to sound & seepage
  • Warm to sight & touch
  • Lightweight & Buoyant
  • Virtually indestructible
  • A natural, renewable resource which helps remove pollutants from the air in its original form.

CORK, the “old reliable” that neither ages nor deteriorates through oxidation or exposure to the elements, has become the new and trusted material for architects, builders, and decorators who must have the assurance of specifying the very best material to do the job.

  • Cork Flooring
  • Cork for Walls
  • Cork Bulletin Boards
  • Cork Textiles


A cartoon video which will interest children and adults alike with informative and useful information about the history of cork & its applications. The video is an excellent resource for school projects, reports, and general research.