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Crafts: Flower

Here’s a fun way to make a beautiful flower that will never fade. Put a few in a row and you have a lovely garden!

Materials that you will need to make a flower…

  • Colored plastic hair picks (you can also make a flower with metal skewers, but it will look very different); usually there are 20 picks in a package
  • 2 green plastic picks
  • A piece of round cork 1/4″ (1 cm.) thick
  • A piece of wire 7 inches (17.5 cm.) long
  • Large scissors to cut the plastic picks


Take 11 picks. Stick them in all around the cork circle. Mix the colors well.


Cut 8 other picks about 1.1/2” (4 cm.) long. Re-sharpen the points by rubbing them on sandpaper. Then stick these between the picks already in place. Mix the colors.


Stick the wire into the cork flower and then into the large cork which makes the pot. Push it in well.


At the bottom of the stem, stick in 2 pieces of green picks to make leaves.

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