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3/8″ Cork Wall Covering

Choosing the right wall covering is a difficult task—after all, there are hundreds of choices! In many cases, roll cork is an ideal solution. Here at Manton Cork, we now offer roll cork in a 3/8” thickness. Learn more about what cork is, using it as a wall covering, why 3/8” cork is so desirable and […] Read more

3 Reasons Why Everybody Needs a Natural Cork Pin-Up Surface!

Every home, business, busy professional office, religious institution and school needs a place to keep notes, reminders, updates, mementos or schedules, and natural cork offers many advantages over a write-on wipe-off surface, chalkboard, wall organizer, or a commercial linoleum product promoted as a bulletin board material, because of corks self-healing characteristics, versatility and great appearance. […] Read more


  Cork Underlayment is a natural material, extremely effective for sound control (independently tested according to ASTM standards for acoustical values) and is an effective thermal insulation barrier. In addition, cork offers important stress crack protection. Quite easy to install, environmentally friendly, our underlayment does not deteriorate after years of use and is an ideal and […] Read more


The incredible properties of natural cork are primarily the result of its unique structure. The bark of the cork oak tree is composed of tiny cells, each a 14 sided polyhedron with the inner cell space filled entirely with air. There are approximately 40 million of these cells in a single cubic centimeter of cork […] Read more
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