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How To Maintain Your Cork Board

Couldn’t Be Easier… Your cork board or tacking surface requires a minimum amount of maintenance. Cork is a wood product which can be sanded, wood filled, sealed, stained or painted. Staining is the preferred treatment. In the event that your cork board becomes: distressed soiled ink marked dirt smugged stained etc… simply use a fine grade sand […] Read more

The Great “Cork” Wall

Thinking of re-decorating your den, kids bedroom or your home office wall?  Ever considered using cork? Why Consider Cork? Natural cork rolls offer an excellent alternative to painting, paneling or wall paper.  The natural beauty of cork combined with it’s excellent self healing and tacking quality make it a wonderful choice. As an added benefit, cork has outstanding acoustical […] Read more

Who said the natural cork closure for wine is finished?

  • By admin
  • July 18, 2014
  • Wine
Wine Cork Fact – Wine producers worldwide are rapidly replacing artificial closures with the time proven quality and performance of natural cork. The problem of cork taint is long over, with new regulations and methods to extract and store corkwood. The affordability of cork as a wine closure is more in evidence today then ever before. […] Read more

Natural Cork and Woodwind Instruments

Mother Nature provided the material and the musical instrument returned the favor with beautiful sounds. Did you happen to notice the key corks or the cork tube mouth piece adaptor on woodwind instruments? The highest quality natural cork is reserved for musical instrument application. Referred to as FLOR quality, virtually without defects inherent in natural wood products, the raw […] Read more

The “Design Your Own Cork Wall” dilemma

When installing a large cork tack board or pin-up area the question invariably arises: Can I glue the cork to existing wall board, and if so, should I be concerned about pin holes, or eventually removing the cork? The answer is quite simple, and it comes from a cork company with 90 years experience. If the area […] Read more

Cork Boards & Cork Walls: Not just for teen idol posters anymore

Cork boards are a great option for use in nearly any environment, not just on a teenager’s bedroom wall. Cork bulletin boards provide a place to highlight notes, flyers, art and reports. Retail stores need a place to display advertising—particularly for sales promotions that change frequently; offices need a space to share inter-office communication; and teachers need a […] Read more

Install Your Own Cork Board In The Kids’ Room

Very large pre-constructed  bulletin boards are expensive, heavy and can not be easily hung safely on the wall.  The absolute best and most cost efficient method for installing large areas of cork in any room is by using Manton Brand cork rolls or cork sheets,  available in 3’ and 4’ width, custom cut to your […] Read more

3/8″ Cork Wall Covering

Choosing the right wall covering is a difficult task—after all, there are hundreds of choices! In many cases, roll cork is an ideal solution. Here at Manton Cork, we now offer roll cork in a 3/8” thickness. Learn more about what cork is, using it as a wall covering, why 3/8” cork is so desirable and […] Read more

3 Reasons Why Everybody Needs a Natural Cork Pin-Up Surface!

Every home, business, busy professional office, religious institution and school needs a place to keep notes, reminders, updates, mementos or schedules, and natural cork offers many advantages over a write-on wipe-off surface, chalkboard, wall organizer, or a commercial linoleum product promoted as a bulletin board material, because of corks self-healing characteristics, versatility and great appearance. […] Read more


  Cork Underlayment is a natural material, extremely effective for sound control (independently tested according to ASTM standards for acoustical values) and is an effective thermal insulation barrier. In addition, cork offers important stress crack protection. Quite easy to install, environmentally friendly, our underlayment does not deteriorate after years of use and is an ideal and […] Read more
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