Natural Cork and Woodwind Instruments

Mother Nature provided the material and the musical instrument returned the favor with beautiful sounds.

Did you happen to notice the key corks or the cork tube mouth piece adaptor on woodwind instruments?

The highest quality natural cork is reserved for musical instrument application. Referred to as FLOR quality, virtually without defects inherent in natural wood products, the raw material can cost up to $2000.00 per kilo. The price may be high, but the sound is worth it. The key cork provides an excellent seal, while the mouth piece cork offers a fail safe method of connecting the mouth piece to the  instrument.

Renewable Cork- Even For Musicians

An interesting trick for you saxophone players, when your mouthpiece cork gets a bit compressed:

  1. Remove the neck from the instrument
  2. Hold a lighter underneath the cork.
  3. Rotate the neck so that the heat gets distributed evenly
  4. Don’t hold it too close!

The heat will cause the cork to slightly expand and you will enjoy a nice, snug fitting mouthpiece once again!

Cork is truly Natures Answer, and music to our ears.