Who said the natural cork closure for wine is finished?

Wine Cork Fact –

Wine producers worldwide are rapidly replacing artificial closures with the time proven quality and performance of natural cork. The problem of cork taint is long over, with new regulations and methods to extract and store corkwood. The affordability of cork as a wine closure is more in evidence today then ever before.

Artificial Cork Fact –

Artificial closures are being phased out in all major wine productions. The artificial closure under performs, imparts an undesirable taste on the wine, and is difficult to remove. Read more about how cork is making a comeback.

Environmentally Friendly Fact –

Natural and agglomerated cork closures are environmentally friendly and a renewable resource.

Wine isn’t the only use for cork stoppers. Learn more about the different uses for cork stoppers.

Listen for the cork pop and enjoy your wine.

photo credit: swishphotos via photopin cc