Cork Boards & Cork Walls: Not just for teen idol posters anymore

Cork boards are a great option for use in nearly any environment, not just on a teenager’s bedroom wall. Cork bulletin boards provide a place to highlight notes, flyers, art and reports. Retail stores need a place to display advertising—particularly for sales promotions that change frequently; offices need a space to share inter-office communication; and teachers need a way to share classroom information and showcase students’ work. A cork board or wall of cork is the ideal solution.

Untapped Beauty

Natural cork is more than purely functional – it’s attractive too. Cork has a simple, beautiful appearance. The natural color is a warm light brown that is neutral enough to work well in many decorating schemes. However, if you need a certain style or color, cork can be easily painted or stained to get the appearance you desire. Finally, you can frame or cover the cork surface with a fabric to retain the benefits but completely change the look of the surface. From simple to sophisticated, a cork board or full cork wall can be a great addition to your home, office or school.

Commercial & Community Uses

When you first think about a cork board, you probably think about the one you had on your wall as a teenager -the place you tacked pictures of your favorite stars and photos of your best friends. While this is a great use for cork, there are so many other possibilities.

Installing cork board in a retail store is one of the best marketing tools available. The management team can regularly change marketing materials and share the latest news with customers.

In an office setting, installing cork board in the employee cafeteria provides a space where management and employees can easily exchange information. Additionally, using a cork board in a factory shipping/receiving area organizes the day’s schedule.

All gathering, conference and meeting areas (such as schools, community centers, libraries, religious organizations or dormitories) can benefit from cork boards too. Providing a posting area for notices can make a big difference in the lives of all those who visit.

Money Saving Benefits

There are other benefits to installing a cork wall surface too. Cork provides excellent insulation. It insulates against heat, and cold, mechanical vibration and acoustics. This is why you will often find cork walls in the music room of a school or recreational building. A room with cork wall covering will benefit from the insulation qualities of cork; reducing your cost for heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. When it comes to durability, cork displays are an excellent choice and the self-healing qualities of cork means pin holes will not be visible. Cork is flexible, elastic and compressible, making it very resilient. Did you know that cork has been shown to have the ability to withstand pressure as high as 14,000 pounds? These traits make cork a great wall surface treatment for any room, whether for tackboard use, or as a decorative, background for art.

Yes, cork boards and cork walls are a useful addition to any home or place of business, and not just for a teen’s room.