Here’s a fun way to make a beautiful flower that will never fade. Put a few in a row and you have a lovely garden!

flowers and corks


  • Colored plastic hair picks (you can also make a flower with metal skewers, but it will look very different); usually there are 20 picks in a package
  • 2 green plastic picks
  • A piece of round cork 1/4″ (1 cm.) thick
  • A piece of wire 7 inches (17.5 cm.) long
  • Large scissors to cut the plastic picks


  • Take 11 picks. Stick them in all around the cork circle. Mix the colors well.
  • Cut 8 other picks about 1.1/2” (4 cm.) long. Re-sharpen the points by rubbing them on sandpaper. Then stick these between the picks already in place. Mix the colors.
  • Stick the wire into the cork flower and then into the large cork which makes the pot. Push it in well.
  • At the bottom of the stem, stick in 2 pieces of green picks to make leaves.