Your cork robot can have any shape you want. Use your imagination to add the “electrical” decorations too.



  • 6 tall, round corks, 1 smaller one for the neck, 1 very small one for the top-knot
  • 2 flat corks (or round pieces cut from large corks)
  • beads, glass-headed pins, rivets, upholstery nails, and so on, for decoration


  • Glue the 2 tall corks forming the legs onto the round pieces that form the feet.
  • Glue the body-cork onto the legs.
  • Glue on the little cork that forms the neck.
  • If the head-cork seems a little long, cut it. Then glue it onto the neck.
  • Glue the tiny cork on top of the head. Glue the arms in place.
  • Stick in the eyes which are 2 glass-headed pins pushed into 2 beads.
  • Finish decorating with the beads, brass paper fasteners, rivets, and whatever else you have on hand.

robots made of corks