How To Install a Cork Wall

How To Install a Cork Wall

Using Cork Rolls or Cork Sheets to Design a Cork Wall & Tacking area Tools & Materials Needed For A Professional Installation:

  • Sharp Utility Knife, Carpet or Linoleum Blade
  • Adhesive – recommended Henry Brand #356 or #176 (or comparable vinyl adhesive)
    • Carefully follow adhesive manufacturer installation instructions available online at:
  • 3/16” x 5/32” V-Notched Trowel
  • Hammer
  • Brads/Headless Nails

All material needed, including HENRY BRAND #356 adhesive, available at Amazon Fulfillment, True Value, Do It Best or your local hardware store. HENRY BRAND adhesives are available for on-line purchase at , or

Step By Step Instructions

1) Preparation:

For ease of installation, unwind cork, pre-cut – invert pieces & place weight(s) to flatten. Be sure wall is clean, dry and that the existing surface is secure.

2) Cutting:

The cork can be trimmed with a utility knife, carpet or linoleum blade. It may require more than one pass.

3) Adhesive:

We recommend Henry Brand #356 or #176 applied with a v-notched trowel. Apply 100% adhesive coverage to the wall surface.

4) Installation:

After careful application of adhesive, lightly position the cork sheet*, and press firmly in place (rolling is recommended). Use brads/headless nails in all corners and areas that may not adhere.

5) Finishing:

Cork is a wood product and can be stained, painted or varnished. We suggest you test on spare piece first. For the perfect built-in bulletin board, you may tack picture frame molding around the cork.

<h46) The perfect wall:

Cork wall covering does not show scratches, dents or nail holes. Ideal pin-up area. Absorbs unwanted noises. Easy to maintain. Use fine sandpaper to remove any unwanted marks.

*FOR EASE OF INSTALLATION, we recommend gluing side identified with label on cork roll, to your wall or substrate.


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