Composition Cork Sheets are produced for a wide range of applications dedicated for use by consumers, architects, and industry. In addition to producing materials to ASTM and Government Specifications, Manton manufactures excellent facing grades, with self healing characteristics, as well as underlayment grades. Produced from blocks and cylinders, cork sheets are available in widths up to 72”, in custom cut lengths. Depending on the application, specify cork grain texture of fine to very course; light, medium and heavy density, cut to thickness ranging from 1/32” (.79mm) to 4” (102mm) thick. Cork sheets can be cut to continuous strips which are supplied in spools. Some of the advantages of cork sheets are:installation-CTA-small

  • Great for mounting to substrates (including wall board, Gypsum, plywood and Masonite)
  • Used as a wall covering and tacking surface
  • Easy to install, maintain, stain or paint
  • Offers thermal and sound abatement benefits
  • Cork is a natural renewable wood material

Common uses for Manton cork sheets include  bulletin boards, table mats, trivets, hot pads, crafts for all ages,  die cut coasters, gaskets and more!

For Commercial & Industrial applications Manton offers adhesive backed and fire rated cork material. 

3/8 inch thick cork sheets  1/4 inch thick Cork Rolls

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sustainable cork

Cork is a renewable natural resource, recyclable and biodegradable; harvested from the bark of cork trees. Careful management practices have resulted in a steady supply of cork, with future supplies assured as well.