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Is My Cork Underlayment Safe?

Which Cork is Safe?
On the heals of much national news regarding unsafe floor laminate being produced in China, we believe it is important to alert the general public that floor laminate is [...]

Natural cork vs. colored cork: what’s the difference?

Looking to use a natural material for your tackable wall area in your home or office? Don’t confuse natural cork with colored cork. Natural cork offers a self-healing surface, [...]

Natural Cork and Woodwind Instruments


Mother Nature provided the material and the musical instrument returned the favor with beautiful sounds.
Did you happen to notice the key corks or the cork tube mouth piece adaptor on [...]

3/8″ Cork Wall Covering

Choosing the right wall covering is a difficult task—after all, there are hundreds of choices! In many cases, roll cork is an ideal solution. Here at Manton Cork, we [...]

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    3 Reasons Why Everybody Needs a Natural Cork Pin-Up Surface!

3 Reasons Why Everybody Needs a Natural Cork Pin-Up Surface!

Every home, business, busy professional office, religious institution and school needs a place to keep notes, reminders, updates, mementos or schedules, and natural cork offers many advantages over a [...]


The incredible properties of natural cork are primarily the result of its unique structure. The bark of the cork oak tree is composed of tiny cells, each a 14 [...]

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Natural cork composition is an excellent underlayment material, providing a good sound barrier, insulation value, & stress crack protection. Cork offers significant benefit over alternative [...]

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