Consult a Cork Expert Before Starting Your Project

When resourcing cork for your next project, we recommend you consult with a cork professional and not just a cork reseller. Cork professionals are direct importers/manufacturers. They have the knowledge [...]

10 Great Ideas for Installing Cork in Home & Office

Natural cork for decorative and tacking in home and office offers you the best of both worlds.
Cork provides a beautiful background for art, photos,  posters or as a [...]

4’ X 8’ Cork Panels – For Your Home & Office Project

Thinking about creating a full or partial wall of cork or a large cork pin up board?
Great! The  4’ x 8’ cork roll or cork sheet is the perfect size. The [...]

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Does Cork Thickness Matter?


The short answer is yes.

When planning your next project always consider your application first and then buy the most suitable cork roll or cork sheet thickness.

We’ve put together a [...]

Is My Cork Underlayment Safe?

Which Cork is Safe?
On the heals of much national news regarding unsafe floor laminate being produced in China, we believe it is important to alert the general public that floor laminate is [...]

Natural cork vs. colored cork: what’s the difference?

Looking to use a natural material for your tackable wall area in your home or office? Don’t confuse natural cork with colored cork. Natural cork offers a self-healing surface, [...]

How To Maintain Your Cork Board

Couldn’t Be Easier…
Your cork board or tacking surface requires a minimum amount of maintenance.
Cork is a wood product which can be sanded, wood filled, sealed, stained or [...]

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The Great “Cork” Wall

Thinking of re-decorating your den, kids bedroom or your home office wall?  Ever considered using cork?
Why Consider Cork?
Natural cork rolls offer an excellent alternative to painting, paneling [...]

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Who said the natural cork closure for wine is finished?

Wine Cork Fact –
Wine producers worldwide are rapidly replacing artificial closures with the time proven quality and performance of natural cork. The problem of cork taint is long [...]

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Natural Cork and Woodwind Instruments


Mother Nature provided the material and the musical instrument returned the favor with beautiful sounds.
Did you happen to notice the key corks or the cork tube mouth piece adaptor on [...]